The best form you can achieve is a natural one

What is the best form for you?

Natural form. The best form is the one that you can take without thinking, and put on easily.

I’m sure everyone has their own form and struggles with it.

I think it is good to go through twists and turns, trial and error, until you improve to some extent.

This site also introduces a variety of ways to create your form, so please use them as hints.

When you try to change your form, you will often be told, “If you change your form, it will take months to get it right.

If you change your form, you won’t be able to get the ball in the air or control your hands for months, so be prepared! That’s what they say.

From the time you start playing billiards to the intermediate level, you will often experience a change in shooting ability and positioning by changing your form.

However, by the time you reach the intermediate to advanced level, when you have played a lot of billiards, changing your form a little bit will not cause you to shoot off the ball or lose control of your cue ball as much.

In fact, if you change your stance a little bit, change the direction of your toes, change your grip a little bit, bend at the waist a little bit, etc., you will notice that the quality of the ball changes quite a bit.

In such cases, if you take a video of your form, you may not be able to tell at all what has changed in your form when you observe it from the outside. The change that your own inner sensitivity receives is significant, though.

Thus, it is true that just by tweaking your form a little bit, your sensitivity to the quality of the ball reacts sensitively, but there will come a time when you will realize that it does not mean that you will lose your shooting ability or your positioning.

What does this mean?

It means that at this point, your basic form is somewhat intact.

This is because you have been playing with the ball for so long that your body has memorized it.

In other words, the nervous system and muscles around the arms that perform the stroke have been trained and memorized through repetitive motions, and as a result, they are maturing to achieve a certain level of performance.

So even if you tweak your form a little, you are guaranteed a certain level of performance.
When such a time comes, it is an opportunity.

If you have been stuck in a tick-tock routine of form building, please stop it drastically.
For example, stop worrying about the direction of your toes, the direction of your hips, the need to raise your elbows on the stroke, and so on.

Just swing the cue naturally, feel how it feels to swing the cue comfortably, and set up for it.
I think you will find that you can hit the ball better than you thought you could.

When this happens, you will have achieved your best natural form.

Now it’s time to repeat this natural form and let your body get used to it.

When you are in this state, you can concentrate on playing the ball in front of you and not worrying about your form.

The tempo of your play will improve.

The tempo of your play will improve and you will start to develop a rhythm.
The quality of your game is getting better and better.

A good indication of this turning point is when you realize that no matter what form you take, you will be able to play the ball with a certain level of quality.

When the time comes, try cueing the ball honestly, feeling the stroke that comes naturally to you.