Introduction to this site

Hi, I’m Aki! I’ve been playing pocket billiards for about 20 years.

In this blog, I will talk about various topics related to billiards.

I will provide useful information for players of all levels.

Let’s have fun and improve together!


If you are new to billiards and want to have fun with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, please read “Beginners” first. Please click on the section that interests you.

Below, we have prepared a variety of useful contents to help you improve your skills at various levels, from beginner to advanced. Please click on the section that interests you.

Form: In billiards, stance is everything. This is a quote from a great player of the past. This page contains information that will help you create your own form. There is an optimal form for each player. Please find it and make it your own!

Cueing: A discussion of how to cue the ball in a variety of ways, including strokes.

Aiming: Learn how to find the correct point of impact and where to position your face to see straight with both eyes.

Breaks: There are many ways to make an effective break!

Mental: Billiards is said to be a mental sport, and your mental state has a big impact on your play. You can learn how to deal with it in a concrete way.

Matches: You want to get the most out of your daily practice and win! We will consider how to approach a match effectively.

Gear: The history of the evolution of sports is also the history of the evolution of tools. We will cover the importance of gear and the latest information.

Strategy: Billiards is also a brain sport. You can change the game drastically by your decisions and strategies. We will think about the strategies that will help us to fight to our advantage.

Practice: We will introduce effective ways to practice to improve your game.

Masterpieces: We’ll introduce you to some of the most talked-about scenes in the billiards world, as well as videos of Hot Match!