Don’t miss it!  Masterpiece #2; 1995 Reyes (Philippines) vs Strickland (USA): Legendary Zig Zag Shot in Sands Regency Open 9-ball

This is another match of Reyes and Strickland.

If you are a billiards player, you have probably seen this famous scene!

It’s the final rack of a 13-goal game, 12-12 hill-hill.

The scene is that the Reyes have pocketed the 4th ball and are unable to get to the 5th ball because of trouble.

The Reyes selected safety.

He selected the safety trying to hide the 5th ball on the short cushion side behind the 7th ball on the opposite short cushion side, but the 5th ball hits the 8th ball and accidentally pockets the 8th ball.

The 5th ball then rolled behind the 7th ball and landed in the middle of the short cushion by the rail.

Since the cue ball was in close proximity to the 6th ball, he could not aim directly at the 5th ball.

He had given himself a tough safety shot.

In the final rack that decides the game, this is too bad.

The commentators are repeating, “Big trouble!

Strickland is looking up at the sky, happy as if his victory is now assured.

Everyone in the crowd was sure to be thinking that Reyes was outmatched and Strickland was in control.

Reyes pondered for a moment, and then chose the double cushion shot wiht long-cushion-to-long-cushion, resulting in going to touch the 5th ball.

However, this is usually a very difficult shot, as it is not obviously in the system like the five-and-a-half, and the line seems to be slightly restricted by the target ball.

Touching the target would be probably the best he can do.

If it misses, it’s out of the question. Strickland with his free ball will easily get rid of the rest of object balls, and even if it hits, Strickland’s skills will allow him to get rid of the rest of object balls or to select safety shot.

Reyes, it’s all all over for him!

Everyone was expecting Strickland to win.


There was the surprise event goinig against everyone’s imagination.

Please watch the video for the rest.

Please turn on the audio. You can feel the realism!

Everyone didn’t know this was possible!

Standing ovation!

After all, Reyes is a god. He’s a genius, loved by the billiard!

I can only marvel at this event at hill-hill final lack, where the game is decided.

The moved Strickland said Reyes OK not to pocket the 9th ball.