How to stabilize your form

Stabilizing your form is extremely important for accurate shots and positioning.
What are the tips?

Put pressure on your bridge fingers and hold your fingers firmly against the rasha.

Alternatively, put pressure on both thumbs and press them firmly against the ground.

Just by basking in the power of one part of your body, you will be able to stay still and stabilize your form.

How do you stabilize your form?

The only part of the body that can move is from the elbow down. If the legs or torso move even a little, the elbow itself will move a lot, and it is natural to miss the ball.
However, it is not a good idea to put in too much effort to stabilize your form.
A good stroke comes from a natural, relaxed form.
God Raise also said that a good form for a person is a natural form for that person.
A natural form is a relaxed form.
However, if you are too relaxed, your whole body will become squishy and your torso and legs will move, including your head.
So what should you do?
Try to put some strength into just one part of your body.
Specifically, put some force into the fingers supporting the bridge and press them firmly against the rasha.
Or, put strength into the thumbs of both feet and feel like you are gripping the ground firmly.
It’s strange, but by putting strength into these parts of your body, your form will become stable and immobile.
Professionals have also told me that the method of grabbing the ground with the thumbs of both feet is effective.
The world-renowned professional Oi once said that he plays with his feet.
Here he talks about the effect of pressing the ground firmly with both thumbs.
The former Kuranomae also says that putting power into both thumbs helps stabilize your form.
He also mentioned that putting more pressure on one part of the body can help reduce head-up.
Try to relax your entire body, but put some effort into one part of your body.
I bet you’ll have a steady, quality stroke!