Decide everything before your addressing

When you aim to shoot a cue ball, you going to address, and how do you do it?

Before addressing, decide the cue point, cue speed, and positioning of the cue ball, then taking the address.

How are you going to address when cueing the ball?

The first thing you should do is not to make a bridge and then decide on the cue point and cue speed.

In any case, don’t you start by addressing and bridging, and then decide the cue point and cue speed from there?

If so, don’t do this!

The correct way to do this is to imagine the cue point, cue speed, chute, and position of the cue ball before you enter the address.

It is OK to make minor adjustments to the cue point after addressing the ball, but it is not OK to go into address thinking that you are going to cue the ball in the right direction or at the top of the cue point, and then go into address thinking that you are going to cue the ball in the opposite direction or at the bottom of the cue point.

This is because each cue point has a different thickness, and there is no way to correct it if you try to deviate from your initial decision.

In this case, you should take a new stance.

As mentioned above, if you go to the address and then think about how you are going to hit the ball, you will not be able to see the whole picture and you will fail in your shooting and positioning.

This is also important when practicing, but once you have decided on a cue point or cue speed, do not change it before cueing the ball.

This is important when practicing.

Then check your prediction and see how it turned out.

If you are sure that you can pocket the ball and you do, of course it is OK, but if you predict that the ball will miss thickly and it misses thickly, that is also OK. It means that you were able to predict the ball’s movement.

You should do this every time you shoot.

If you do this, every ball you hit will be a valid hit.

If you just hit the ball randomly and only hit it when it goes in, your progress will be slow.

If you do this, your progress will be slow.

The quickest way to improve is to use the PDCA cycle, which is the cycle of prediction, verification and improvement.