How to determine the position where you can see straight with both eyes

Rather than trying to determine which eye is dominant, it is important to figure out where to look straight ahead with both eyes. How can we do this?

Using a pin and a mirror, you can identify the position where you can see straight with both eyes. Place the cue directly under that position.

We have already told you that the so-called normal way of determining your dominant eye is not necessarily correct.

Instead of just figuring out which eye is dominant, what is more important is to figure out where you can see straight with both eyes.

I will show you how to do this.

Get a 40x30cm mirror from a 100 yen store. This is about the right size.

Next, prepare two pencils or pins or something like that. Something like a vertical stick is also fine.

Place the mirror on a table about the height of a dining room table, and place one of the pins about 30cm away from the mirror.

Place one pin about 30cm away from the mirror, and then place the second pin about 30cm away from the first pin.

Make sure that the straight line connecting the two pins is perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.

Now the preparation is complete.

Stand about 1.5 meters away from the mirror.

Look at the mirror and move your body from side to side. You don’t need to see your own face in the mirror at this time. You can look into the mirror from a distance, as long as your pin is reflected in the mirror.

As you move from side to side, you will find a standing position where the four pins (two pins and two pins in the mirror) are aligned in a straight line.

In that position, now bend your legs and lower your head, keeping the four pencils in a straight line.

Lower your head until your face is reflected in the mirror.

That’s it.

Now, where on your face does the straight line go when you stand with the four pins in a straight line?

Depending on the person, it may be in the middle of the chin, the right eye socket, or the left eye socket.

This is the position where a person can see things straight with both eyes.
Place this position right above the cue.

This will always allow you to see the ball straight with both eyes!