Don’t think of billiards as static, think of it as dynamic when you play.


Do you have any good ideas on how to change your mind to play better during a game?


Don’t think of billiards as a static sport, but as a dynamic sport like soccer or basketball.

This will lead to a more rhythmic and dynamic play during the game.


If you were to classify billiards as a sport, what category would it fall into?

For example, in soccer and basketball, you move around all the time and try to score points through movement.

Let’s call this a dynamic sport.

In billiards, you don’t shoot as you move around; only the elbow moves to the pocket.

Let’s say this is a static sport.

Billiards may be similar to archery, or golf.

In golf, you hit a stationary ball.

If you think of billiards as a static sport, and if you are aware of each ball as if it were a complete one, you will lose the image of the flow of pocketing the balls in succession.

In this case, if you are a slow cue player, you will not be able to cue the ball properly, and you will try your best to pocket the balls that you can easily pocket.

It’s hard on you, and it’s hard on the people watching you.

If you are such a person, why don’t you try to see billiards as a dynamic thing?

Just as soccer and basketball score points through movement and flow, billiards is about rhythmical movement and aiming for one pocket after another in the flow.

Billiards is essentially a dynamic sport, and you should try to think of it as such.

This will lead to what we call fast-paced play.

If you play at such a high tempo, you may think that you will miss the ball at a high tempo and lose in the end.

However, in reality, those who play at a faster tempo often win more matches.

This seems to be especially true for B-class matches.

In a B-class game, even if you miss the ball, it will come around again, so even if you miss the ball anyway, you should not hesitate to challenge the pocket and positioning and miss the ball, so that when you see it in the game, you will get into the rhythm and the flow of putting on a good ball.

If you are sticky-footed or overly cautious, no matter how many balls you miss shots, you will never get into a good rhythm.

Rather, the pattern is to go down that way and that way, and end up losing the game.

Try to cue the ball dynamically, rhythmically, in motion, with the image of pocketing in the flow.

If you’ve ever lost a match because you couldn’t get it right, please give it a try!

If you don’t like it, give it a try.

If you lose, it’s OK.

In order to test this out, try throwing away the match of the day ^^.

You’ll find more in yourself than you ever expected, and in the long run, it might pay off!