About Landscape

If you don’t feel like your usual self in a game, do you know why?
And how should you deal with it?

At an unfamiliar game venue, you are exposed to a different landscape (environment) than usual. This will affect your play more than you can imagine.

If you are playing poorly, recognize that you are being affected by the scenery and calm down a little bit to deal with it.

It would be a disservice to assume that it is due to a lack of skill on your part.

When you play in a different environment, such as in a game, do you feel as if you are a different person?

This is due to the scenery that surrounds you (you can call it the environment that surrounds you).

The familiar scenery is the information that you always see when you play (the location of the tables, the flower pots and vending machines, the regulars, etc.).

However, there are situations where the scenery is different from the usual, for example, there are different people than usual, the table arrangement is different from the usual, there is different music than usual, the smell of the store is different, etc. (there is no end to it).

When this happens, people are more or less bewildered by the unusual situation. This will affect your play.

Physical conditions such as the condition of the table also have a great impact on play, but the impact of the scenic information we perceive on our five senses is much greater than we think.

If a player has played in a lot of different environments, such as visiting different stores, playing matches, or competing in official tournaments, then he will be better at the game.

If you are an inexperienced player, and you are playing poorly in a match despite having practiced hard, try to convince yourself that it is not the quality of your play that is bad, but that the scenery is different.

This should calm you down a bit. If you don’t understand the importance of the landscape, you’ll assume it’s all your fault.

If you don’t understand the importance of the scenery, you’ll think it’s all your fault, and you’ll become infinitely worried and distraught, and you won’t be able to play well.