Isn’t there a special shoe for billiards?

Each sport has its own special shoes, but what about billiards?

There aren’t any in particular, are there?

Is there any good shoes for it?


You can make your own shoes, but by deliberately changing the thickness of the soles from left to right, you may be able to make shoes that fit your own form.


Each sport has its own special shoes.

Baseball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton, track and field, and so on.

There’s no end to it.

The development of sports is also the development of tools.

For example, in athletics and swimming, records are better than in the past because shoes and clothes have been researched and devised so that good records can be achieved.

But what about billiards?

Of course, billiard equipment has been evolving day by day.

In the past, when the tap had not been invented, people in England and France used to play billiards by pushing the ball with a broom handle or something like that.

A man named Mango invented the tap, and someone also invented chalk, which added a push and pull to the cue ball, and to everyone’s surprise, the game became more varied.

The invention of the stable marble table and the rubber cushioning of the rails also increased the creativity of billiards.

At present, the development of the cue is solely focused on the cue.

Chalk, gloves, and other gadgets have also been introduced to the market.

Recently, some fashionable clothes and uniforms have started to be sold, though not exclusively for billiards.

However, strangely enough, there is no such thing as billiard-specific shoes.
Why is this the case?

Is supporting both feet a negligible problem in billiards?

No! Yes, it is.

Stance is important.

And shoes that support the stance should be important.

So why aren’t there dedicated shoes on the market?

Perhaps one reason is that they have not yet found their usefulness and are still in a latent position.

If someone were to develop a shoe specialized for billiards, it might become popular in no time at all.

The key points to keep in mind when developing shoes are those that ensure stance stability, and I think there will be a development of shoes that match the 4-stance theory.

However, I don’t know when this will happen, so I’ll tell you how to quickly create shoes that match your stance.

You can sell shoe sole sheets, right?

You can get them at 100-yen stores.

By using these, you can create shoes with various properties.

First of all, by putting the sheets in both shoes, you can increase the length of the foot by a few centimeters.

This will, for example, allow you to adjust your waist height in a nice way, even if you have never been able to reach the table.

Here is where the ingenuity comes in. I know you don’t do this often, but try putting the sole sheet in only one foot.

For example, just the left foot, or just the right foot.

This will change the balance of the length of the left and right feet.
In this state, try to play.

You may find that your form is more stable with a seat in one of your feet.
In addition, placing the seat on the lateral head or tread side of the foot will make it easier to create an inner or outer stride.

By deliberately elevating the toes or heels, you can adjust your weight to the back or front.
It is hard to say where to put the seat because it varies from person to person, but please do your own research.

You never know, you might just get the perfect billiard shoe for you!